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Excel Celtics: A big team in the making

It is not every day you see a coach that knows basketball, loves the game, and cares for the players, but Coach Russell Scott showed us all of those qualities.

Coach Scott is the head coach for the 7th grade Excel Celtics out of Alamance County and is assisted by Coach Scotte Freeland. This is the teams second year together.

Right now their team is practicing once a week due to players involved in other activities, but parents explained how typically they practice twice and Coach Scott hosts open gyms on Sunday for the entire county. The Excel Celtics program does not focus on recruiting the best players, the program wants the players that will work the hardest.

“Coach Scott is dedicated. Anything to do with these girls and basketball he is about it,” Assistant Coach Freeland explains.

It’s more than just coaching for Coach Scott, as a graduate from University of Massachusetts he knows the importance of academics. He emphasized that academics is vital to every players life.

“I believe the lowest grade on our team last year was an 85. Basketball will take you no where without good grades,” Coach Scott continued.

Elite Hoop Report only heard positive things from parents, coaches, referees, and staff about Coach Scott. In the coaching world, this is a very rare trait.

Not only did Coach Scott show tremendous heart, but also his hard work showed on the court. His team played the following games:

Game #1 @ Lowes Grove Middle School

42 Excel Celtics

27 Lady Lions

Game #2 @ Githens Middle School

41 Excel Celtics

14 Strong Center

Game #3 @ Githens Middle School

Excel Celtics 47

Lady Gaters 8

“If I can help one girl go to college to play ball and leave with no loans after 4 years, I feel like I have helped,” Coach Scott said.

Elite Hoop Report love to see coaches that have the right heart and knows the game. We want to take this time to thank Coach Scott, Coach Freeland, and the Excel Celtics.

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