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Elite-32 excels in inaugural year

The first time an event is hosted there will almost always be some hang-ups and room for growth. If that is the case with the Elite-32 AAU Tournament in Fayetteville, there will be a bright future for organizers and young basketball players across the South.

With the 2018 Elite-32 done and settled, the tournament certainly seems to be capable of growing into a major event in Fayetteville and on the AAU scene.

Despite there being some haste in how the tournament was put together, and a lack of organizing experience by those who hosted, the Elite-32 was well-run and earned plaudits from those who cruise across the south with regularity during the summer to play in AAU events all over the region.

The event, run by Earl McCray of Team 252, is poised to grow as his experience hosting expands. The Elite-32 has a bright future and do not be surprised is it becomes an ‘Elite-64’ or even higher as time goes by.

In the inaugural event, the winners were as follows:

Boy’s Varsity: Team Premier

Girl’s Varsity: NC Xpress

Girl’s JV: Carolina Dynasty

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