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Disciples Basketball Club- it’s more than basketball

Disciples Basketball 9th Grade Girls Team is coached by Tanya Foreman. The Disciples are a new AAU Organization based out of Kingsport, Tennessee, but what makes them different it their values and beliefs. The disciples are one of the few organizations that claim they are a Christian club.

One of their main challenges is making sure the Christian values are displayed at all times. “Basketball is a very physical and a very emotional game, we talk to the girls about how important it is to maintain your exposure ON and OFF the floor because we are representing God,” Coach Foreman explains.

To make sure they are following their beliefs, the Disciples participate in lots of prayer and a book study. They are currently reading “Playing on God’s Team” by TC Stallings. The team also pairs with the Boys 14U team to worship with bible studies and prayer.

They have more than just winning on their mind, but that has not stopped them from excelling. This year, which is also their first year, they have one championship win, but have played in the semi-finals or finals (Gold-Bracket) in every tournament yet.

Foreman tells her girls, “Championships don’t come easy.”

Some of Foreman’s coaching techniques involve simply effort. “Do everything as they are doing it unto the Lord,” Foreman continues, “not just basketball, school work, and how they treat people.”

Foreman also believes that teaching the game, such as basketball IQ, is just as important though.

The Disciples have four different schools represented on their team. “The goal is that they go back to their schools and represent what they have learned and value here on the Disciples,” Foreman explained.

The Disciples practice twice a week and play 2-3 weekends a month, but they have a family atmosphere who get together more. They spend time eating together and doing things outside of basketball. 

Disciple Players

Destinee Jarnigan:

Destinee Jarnigan, a Disciples player, believes that relationships are important. “It helps that we have such great relationships with everyone on the team, it helps our foundation that it’s based on Christian values,” Janigan explains.

Jarnigan plans to play in college a UT and study Journalism. She also enjoys to write music and play guitar.

Caitlyn Wallace:

Caitlyn Wallace, a post (4) on the Disciples, enjoys being on the team because of the family atmosphere.

“I like that we do devotionals to get us more aware of Christ. We also move the ball around and stay together as a team,” Wallace discusses.

Wallace plans on playing college basketball at UNC and getting her degree in Physical Therapy. In her free time she likes to hang out with friends and read.

Jabrea Johnson:

Jabrea Johnson, a post (5) on the Disciples, loves that they learn to appreciate God.

“We have a good bond, stick together, and work hard in practice. We also have an awesome coach, she’s my mom,” Johnson talks about the positives relating to playing on the Disciples.

Johnson plans to go to UT and get a degree in Sports Management, she would probably want to be a coach.

Emilee Lane:

Emilee Lane, a 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the Disciples, loves the devotionals and loves that everything is Christian based and truly represents ourselves well.

“We all get along really well, super close with our coaches, lots of fun,” Lane explains.

Lane believes that, “Great coaches and get us to make good decisions and keep us on the right path.”

Her dream would be to play basketball or soccer in college and study to become a Pharmacist.

We pass the ball really well, we see the floor really well. And talk more on defense.

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