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Showcase KICKOFF: Hoops & Dreams Fall Xplosion

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

To start off the Girls AAU Fall Season, the Greensboro Sportsplex hosts the Hoops & Dreams Fall Xplosion Event. This year 66 teams participated, almost half of those teams being 11th Grade Girls teams.

This tournament is at D2/D3 level of gameplay, but this does not mean the competition is not intense.

Kenny Carter, the tournament director, is well known in NC High School and AAU basketball world. He has 5 High School State Championships under his belt as well as multiple Coach of the Year awards. Coach Carter puts on a great tournament each year that is known for how organized it is.

“This is the biggest tournament in the Fall, there is no tournament larger,” Lyn Adams, Carolina Elite coach, explains.

Carolina Elite teams have been attending this tournament since the beginning of their program. Carolina Elite’s 11th Grade, 10th Grade (2), and 7th grade are all participating this weekend.

The Greensboro Sportsplex is not only a well ran tournament, but also it has a great environment to prepare players for live events. The building consists of 8 courts that all connect to create a loud, intense atmosphere. This atmosphere compares to the same environment where college coaches attend.

We want to take this time to congratulate the bracket champions.

5th/6th Grade Girls

Pool A: Carolina Lynx

7th Grade Girls

Pool A: NC Gems Xpress

8th Grade Girls

Pool A: Maryland Belles

Pool B: 252-James

9th Grade Girls

Pool A: NC Team Xpress- Heggie Pool B: Lady Royals

10th Grade Girls

Pool A: Crossover Premier

Pool B: Carolina Elite

11th Grade Girls

Pool A: Team Carolina Harrell

Pool B: Carolina Wave Triangle

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