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Lexi Watkins: Player Profile

Lexi Watkins is highly motivated to succeed and the drive comes from home.

The Knightdale (NC) High School student-athlete recently spoke with Elite Hoop Report to discuss where she gets the motivation to deliver, her goals in life and her thoughts on how well the Knights will do this upcoming season. Watkins also mentioned which athlete and team she is inspired by.

Elite Hoop Report: Tell us about your family background.

Watkins: I have two sisters. Both of them played ball at Knightdale and have moved on to North Carolina A&T, which is a great school.

EHR: Your father is here with you. How influential is he in your life?

Watkins: My dad works at UPS and he still comes to watch me play. He does not have to be here. It means a lot because he could be at home resting and I wouldn’t blame him. He motivates me because my dad wants me to go to college, but you can’t go to college with bad grades so I have always kept them up and I am always on the honor roll.

EHR: What would you like to major in when you reach college?

Watkins: I would like to get involved with mechanical engineering. I want a job that is hands-on, such as the kind that involve building things.

EHR: Are there favorite players or teams that you follow and is there a preferred college that you would like to attend?

Watkins: My favorite college team and the school I would love to go to is N.C. State. I love to watch the Wolfpack and I sometimes go to their games. My favorite WNBA team is the Phoenix Mercury and I like Diana Taurasi. They are a lot of fun to watch.

EHR: What are Knightdale High School’’s prospects in girl’s basketball during the 2018-19 school year?

Watkins: I think we can improve. Next season the freshmen and sophomores on the JV team that are coming up [to varsity] are going to give us depth. We will trust the process and get better every single day.

EHR: What would you tell young girls that are just getting into playing basketball?

Watkins: I would tell them to always go hard. Don’t let certain people or certain things bring you down. I have had times where I didn’t want to play anymore but I just went out and worked harder. I am going to improve my game and get my scholarship.

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