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  • Hannah Ericksen

Jasiah Allen, with the Durham Hurricanes, speaks with Elite Hoop Report

The Durham Hurricanes once again had a successful tournament showing over the weekend, with the latest coming at the 2018 Phoenix Invitational in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Jasiah Allen plays for one of its younger teams. Recently Elite Hoop Report spoke with Allen about basketball and his background.

EHR: How old are you and where do you attend school?

Allen: I am nine years old. I am going to school at Northside Elementary. It is in Chapel Hill.

EHR: How long have you played basketball?

Allen: About three years.

EHR: Why did you begin to play basketball?

Allen: I started playing because my whole family had played. My uncles, my mom, my godmom all played ball at Chapel Hill High School, Bartlett Yancey and Carrboro.

EHR: Do you want to one day play high school basketball?

Allen: Yes. That would feel great.

EHR: What is it about basketball that you like the most?

Allen: I like to win. It doesn’t matter how many points I score.

EHR: What position do you play?

Allen: I play point guard. I like it because I can make passes and I can make sure my teammates have the ball. It is a good feeling (when he creates an assist) because our team has scored.

EHR: Who is your favorite player?

Allen: I like LeBron James and Kyrie [Irving]. My favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. I also like the [North Carolina] Tar Heels. I liked Joel Berry.

EHR: What message would give to those who want to play basketball?

Allen: Make sure you practice everyday.

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