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Gabrielle Davis: A great ball player with an impressive athletic background.

Gabrielle Davis has a big summer ahead with Carolina All-Stars. It appears to be just another step in a remarkably bright future.

Davis, a savvy player that excels on both ends of the court, will be moving on from Rogers-Herr Middle School after the summer and will attend Jordan High School in Durham in what should be the start of a stellar athletic and academic career.

In that regard, she will be a chip off the old block.

Her brother Joaquin Davis played at the varsity level in both football and basketball at Jordan this past season despite being only a sophomore. The Falcons reached postseason play in both sports. Joaquin, who is also a backup quarterback, played wide receiver and his first career reception at the high school level was a touchdown catch in the postseason.

Both of her parents also played sports in the vibrant Durham high school scene.

While Davis will look to participate in other sports and embrace the high school experience, it is the game of basketball that has her heart.

The good news for Davis is she is moving towards a program on the rise. Jordan won a school-record 21 games in the 2017-18 campaign under the tutelage of Ty Cox -- who also is a fixture on the girl’s AAU scene.

Elite Hoop Report recently spoke with Davis as she prepares for the next steps in her personal journey. She talked about the hopes and excitement of the future while also remarking on her past and athletic background.

EHR: What age were you when you began to participate in sports?

Davis: Sports have always been a thing because everybody in my family has played or is playing sports. When I was around five I began and I have never really stopped.

EHR: So you like to play more than just basketball?

Davis: I have always been an all-sports type of person but basketball has always been my favorite. I like the intensity. I really like fast, up-tempo games because it is more fun and interesting that way.

EHR: Who do you follow in the game and what are your goals within basketball as well as after you are done playing?

Davis: My favorite team s the University of South Carolina. I like Dawn Staley’s teams. The goal, obviously, would be to play professional basketball one day. I don’t really think about what I would major in at college that much but I will start looking at it in over time. I probably would want to be a coach or an athletic trainer after basketball.

EHR: How supportive has your family been in helping you work towards achieving your dreams?

Davis: They are the best, My mother played basketball and my father played basketball, football and he wrestled. Both played high school in Durham, so it is nice that I can follow in their footsteps. My brother also plays football and basketball at Jordan right now, so yes. I am kind of following in his footsteps too.

EHR: How excited are you to move up to high school basketball at Jordan beginning in the next school year?

Davis: I feel like Jordan has been getting really better and it is one of the best programs in this area. Good things are happening, so I am really excited.

EHR: Obviously, you still have much growth ahead but as someone who has been playing basketball for nearly 10 years what advice would you give the younger girls that are just getting started?

Davis: I would say never quit and even when you see someone who is better than you, just work hard, because hard work beats talent.

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